Fear is like fog. It spreads itself wide and obscures vision. Reality disappears behind its veil.

Fear is also a mirror. For the monsters that we carry inside our minds. When we are afraid, we construct the worst case scenarios and torment ourselves with them.

Fear also thrives in anonymity. We fear what we don’t know yet we refuse to confront and maybe understand it.

Fear is inescapable. I am afraid. You are afraid. We all are afraid especially of death because it is the greatest unknown.

But we are alive and life is also terrifyingly unpredictable. Yet within this unpredictable, lies its greatest possibilities. Anything can happen. These are the best of times, these are the worst of times. We deal with it. Hello Fear!


BROKEN WINGS; Musings on Beauty and Perfection


Is there really a standard of beauty or perfection? Is there really a set of criteria that can be used to measure something as subjective as the appearance of a thing? 
I personally believe that perfection is a commercial concept based on the standardization of beauty. Yet in truth, beauty cannot be defined by nor confined to a set of criteria. It is numinous, mysterious beyond definition and utterly fluid. It can mean anything at any time to different people. And the idea that something or someone should be excluded from accepted standards is certainly something that should give us a reason to pause. 
This pause will help us truly meet the fullness of the people and circumstances we encounter at every given time. Instead of pre-judging our experiences or people, we meet them with a clean slate and fully experience them in the moment we meet them.
Like life, beauty is an inner illumination that comes from the “aliveness”of a thing. That which is here, present, in form and in appearance is beautiful. Everything that is here has it’s own beauty, even a butterfly with broken wings. We will only see this when we look without judging or holding on to predetermined standards.❀❀❀





There is music that calls you to me

Vibrations that move us

Stirring our souls in a rhythmΒ 

That is stronger than death, anything

Traversing language and barriers of loci

Beyond the limits of breeding,

Social strata and ways of believing

My heart feels yours drumming

Spell bound,

Dances to the music you make,

A willing captive,

To the seductive tune I sway

The same music sets the birds to trilling

And their wings opening to the wind,

Enticed by the chorale of that mystery

Wolves howl at the moon in longing,

Streams rushing to the ocean, emptying

Caterpillars becoming butterflies, dying

Each drawn by that silent song

Muezzins calling to prayer

Church bells toll in the distance

Seeking love’s completion, union

Believers congregate and succumb

Aficionados find food for thought

Buddha, Zen masters make lotus

Captive to love’s music calling

Life in myriad forms dances





If you are looking, there are too many barriers separating us; race, gender, language, borders, beliefs and all the little nuances withing them. Still there is only one life. Only one activating substance. The rest is semantics. Life is life, love is love and whatever that means to you, live and let live.


Love and light,