Here we are poised at the precipice

Of all our dreams and heartfelt wishes

Dogged by memories of every failure,

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Lay seige to your own heart

That treasure is worth all you can muster

Don’t be content with living in the sidelines

Do all you can to reach the full range

Of self expression

Love your self fiercely

And fight to be everything you ever hoped to

You deserve all the love you have to give

To love others, you must love yourself – fully and without reservations

Embracing every facet of yourself – the light, the dark and the shadow!


          – 7/8/2017






There is music that calls you to me

Vibrations that move us

Stirring our souls in a rhythm 

That is stronger than death, anything

Traversing language and barriers of loci

Beyond the limits of breeding,

Social strata and ways of believing

My heart feels yours drumming

Spell bound,

Dances to the music you make,

A willing captive,

To the seductive tune I sway

The same music sets the birds to trilling

And their wings opening to the wind,

Enticed by the chorale of that mystery

Wolves howl at the moon in longing,

Streams rushing to the ocean, emptying

Caterpillars becoming butterflies, dying

Each drawn by that silent song

Muezzins calling to prayer

Church bells toll in the distance

Seeking love’s completion, union

Believers congregate and succumb

Aficionados find food for thought

Buddha, Zen masters make lotus

Captive to love’s music calling

Life in myriad forms dances





If you are looking, there are too many barriers separating us; race, gender, language, borders, beliefs and all the little nuances withing them. Still there is only one life. Only one activating substance. The rest is semantics. Life is life, love is love and whatever that means to you, live and let live.


Love and light,