You are a secret garden waiting to be explored 

Don’t linger outside 

Don’t delay the adventure

Open the door and enter

The journey to self is inevitable

You have always been ready




The sun has been your lover

Caressing you with flecks of gold gilded light

The moon has been your lover

Kissing you with soft silvered kisses of lunar light

The wind has been your lover

Whispering your name in a constant chant of silent adoration

The rain has been your lover

Showering you with liquid crystals of the finest configurations 

And the river of blood in your veins

A bold declaration of pulsating life

Flowing in tandem with your beating heart 

How life has loved you my dear

Though you feel you are just a leaf

That soon falls with time

Life keeps loving you



There’s a beautiful symmetry

In the way life writes her stories

Gridlines of all the places we have been

Contours of our journey through time

Every laugh and tightening of our lips

Eventually leaves a trail on our faces

As if we are life’s own muses



Within every fruit,
There is the raw and the ripe
And in the rhythms of the sun
There is day and night
Inside the full moon
The also crescent resides
Behind every mist
There is beauty shinning
Beyond this fear
There is the lust for life
Beneath the pain,
There is joy moving like a river
Past this body of clay,
Spirit like wind and fire
Treasure in earthen vessels
Everywhere there is music
Even in the silence
The majesty of life 
Is that we are dying yet alive
And this whole world is a temple
So take off your shoes and kiss the ground
Kiss this moment of your life
Feel the rush,
Feel the silence
Be alive




Listen to my signs

And hear the words in my tears

They speak of my hopes

For a love beyond these five senses

As these jewelled streams dispenses

Don’t just see the spectacle

Of these tantrum throes

Or label me querulous

 A gust of wind that blows

For no apparent reason

But to stir up dust

To you I simply a woman


But this simple village girl

Without a crust of fine learning

Is native to a tribe

Prolific in reading the signs

And deciphering secret meanings

 Looking at the morning sky

And making predictions of rain

Yet going to the stream for water

This thirst is not for the river

But for the conversation along the way

Listen to my signs

And hear the words in my tears

Every smidgen is a treasure trove

A little work,

Some tender loving care

And this heart will open

Blessing you with every womanly secret

A feast of revelation from the san greal