Out there beyond the fields of what you know

Past the safety of all the parameters and gates

Of loci, creed or age

Your soul is waiting for you




There’s a beautiful symmetry

In the way life writes her stories

Gridlines of all the places we have been

Contours of our journey through time

Every laugh and tightening of our lips

Eventually leaves a trail on our faces

As if we are life’s own muses



I wish I could say I always feel great in the mornings. I don’t or in should say I hardly do. Aside a few exceptions, most mornings I just want to slide right back in bed. I’m truly not a morning person. But my son has to go to school, so I have to get up early in the morning and get going.

I know this reads like a post about depression but it’s not. I haven’t been clinically diagnosed with depression before, though saying so is just me reaching. Really. What I should say is that I have never even seen a therapist before so I won’t know. Here in Nigeria, seeing a psychologist or therapist is just not done. Unless for etreme cases where they say you are crazy and just send you straight to the assylum. Thats it! Well maybe a few people are beginning to do therapy now but it’s really not the norm.

But to get back to my point, I often wish I were a morning person. Maybe then I can be this cheerful woman I see in most adverts. You know, that perky madam with her flouncy ponytail who always looks so competent and ready to greet the day. The one who greets everyone with a smile, gets the family ready in record time and also goes into her office to rule her dynasty. You know, the goal getter/girl boss woman. The one we are constantly told we can become if we drink this, buy this, get that or think like this. Funny isn’t it, that we are never told we are doing well without being sold a product or two.

Anyway that is not my story. I’m not even into product bashing. Buy what you will if you need it or if it tickles your fancy. As for me, I’m only telling you how I often muddle through my mornings, heave a sigh of relief when everyone is out, trudge along until afternoon/evening when I really get into my stride. Then I work up a storm and then at night, I write like a tiger! Essentially, late afternoons into night are my most active hours. Is this a problem? I’ve wondered. But if it works for me that should be fine right? I believe so even though it means most of my day business feels aomewhat stressful and I have to try to schedule in meetings and correspondences from afternoon so I can be at my preferred best. 

But then is this also a cliched writer/editor thing? I do Freelance and Media Consulting and I wonder if I’ve fallen into the cliched “writer like writing at night” thingie? I’ll like to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think or how your schedule works whether you write professionally or as a hobby. Thanks to you all.
PS: Happy New Year and bright blessings to you and yours! 💞

PPS: The image is just a book I’m currently reading. It has nothing yo do with the post 😁😁



Within every fruit,
There is the raw and the ripe
And in the rhythms of the sun
There is day and night
Inside the full moon
The also crescent resides
Behind every mist
There is beauty shinning
Beyond this fear
There is the lust for life
Beneath the pain,
There is joy moving like a river
Past this body of clay,
Spirit like wind and fire
Treasure in earthen vessels
Everywhere there is music
Even in the silence
The majesty of life 
Is that we are dying yet alive
And this whole world is a temple
So take off your shoes and kiss the ground
Kiss this moment of your life
Feel the rush,
Feel the silence
Be alive


BROKEN WINGS; Musings on Beauty and Perfection


Is there really a standard of beauty or perfection? Is there really a set of criteria that can be used to measure something as subjective as the appearance of a thing? 
I personally believe that perfection is a commercial concept based on the standardization of beauty. Yet in truth, beauty cannot be defined by nor confined to a set of criteria. It is numinous, mysterious beyond definition and utterly fluid. It can mean anything at any time to different people. And the idea that something or someone should be excluded from accepted standards is certainly something that should give us a reason to pause. 
This pause will help us truly meet the fullness of the people and circumstances we encounter at every given time. Instead of pre-judging our experiences or people, we meet them with a clean slate and fully experience them in the moment we meet them.
Like life, beauty is an inner illumination that comes from the “aliveness”of a thing. That which is here, present, in form and in appearance is beautiful. Everything that is here has it’s own beauty, even a butterfly with broken wings. We will only see this when we look without judging or holding on to predetermined standards.❤❤❤