By all means I haven’t been ordinary

I have loved you inordinately

With all my heart and soul

All the atoms of my body

And the totality of my being

I have been the one who laughed the loudest

And tried the hardest

To see you smile

I believed against all odds

That this love is one for the ages,

So I became the heart

Beating in tandem with every static

From the machine you once were

And with this love

I moved ironclad mountains

Thawed the glacial ice

And revealed the heart inside you

With this love

I taught you how to dance

And to see the joy

In the smallest bud that blooms

Through the crack on the wall

By all means I haven’t been ordinary

I am the one who has loved you

Past every threshold,

Rules and regulations

And exceeded every definition

Of what they say love ought to be

I am the girl who opened your heart

And showed you love,

Showed you how to love

And in loving you the way I have,

Made you extraordinary

And to the your new lover

I send my best

I send her you…




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