I planted a seed in this garden

I will coax it if I could to dig deep,

Lay down sturdy roots

And bring forth tender shoots

Peeks of green to reassure my heart

That mother earth also does her part

Patience is a virtue, I’ve been told

Such random faith is a luxury I can ill afford

Too long now I’ve known sterile drought

Heart desires that died before they could sprout

Unwitting victims of fickle chance

My weather beaten heart on faith feebly stands

Now here comes new rain prompting hope to spring

April showers on whom the promise of freshness cling

Heaven knows I have held these seeds too tight

In my watchful protection they have now gone blight

With this new season I have come to learn;

There is no harvest for a seed without sure death

A famer must plant the seeds and leave them be

And even if to watching eyes the seeds appear to die

That seeming end is a phase in life’s ever turning tide

In due season that inert seed will awaken

Roused by the sun’s wakening light, they open

To spill all their hidden treasures and delight

Slowly and surely new scions emerge

Each an answer to faith’s call

When the farmer first sowed his precious seeds

Budding leaves in time find expression

Having moved through life’s cycles

So learn this lesson and learn it well

Without patience and faith

Your desires like mist will melt

For no child ever matures with too much coddling

In the same way with constant prodding

All planted things become stunted

Plant your dreams in acres of faith

And nurture them with purposeful actions

Life will give the harvest in the right season

Some will be perennial fruit and formations

While others will ripen for future generations


– 8/8/2017


Farming language is so simple yet conveying a wealth of meaning. Indeed, we are all seeds planted by life and with infinite potentials buried deep in our souls. May we cultivate our lives with great care and tenderness like a delicate flower that needs nurturing for its great beauty to shine. This life we carry is precious. And beautiful!


Love and Light,



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