You are my breathe and my pulse

The very truth of my heart for all its worth

A miracle of infinite proportions

Something real framed in fantasy

For one who has long lived in perpetual night

Your love is a glorious sunrise,

The first light that breaks the day

Dazzling in its wake

In a world without faith

You are an unexpected wave

A surge of feeling drenching the desert

An oasis of love in a lifetime of living dry


You are a miracle to me


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β – 7/31/2017


Despite my best intentions to write/post a day for 30 days consecutively, the weekend totally threw that plan out of the window! Cleaning, family outings and trying to catch up with old friends, I hadn’t seen in a while meant little time for writing or reading. However, I have gotten back on track today with something I was inspired to write from a conversation I had with a friend about being a parent. Whether its love for family, friends or a special someone, being able to feel for something is a miracle in itself. Hope you enjoy it and appreciate all the ways that love awakens your heart. Also, love yourself and your beautiful heart.


Love and Light,



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