Sometimes it hurts so bad to feel

To remember all that you were to me

Until death came and snatched you away

To a place beyond ย my reach or power to follow

Now all I have is the certainty

That someday in a different time and place

You and I will meet again

With a smile as I look in your eyes

I will take your hand in mine

And be glad to meet an old friend

For surely I will know you there

As I have known and loved you here

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  – 7/28/2017


There’s a seeming finality to death that makes it so incredibly difficult to deal with losing a loved one. Given the bonds of friendship and love that we form in life, I believe that souls recognize and connect with each other beyond life. It will be a happy homecoming and a sweet reunion. May we cherish our living loves and grieve for the ones we have lost with this hope in mind.

Love and Light,




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