From the very first glance

Shy and stolen like a first kiss

From the lightest of touches

When your skin brushed mine

Our hearts mated and fused

Bound for all eternity

And though time has passed

The spark of that first meeting still ignites


Your love has left its mark, imprints

On my heart, deeper than I ever imagined

Now I catch the faintest whiff of scent

And I crave the nearness of your skin

Turtledoves coo in the distance

And I hear your voice in their song


Eons it seems have passed

And time and space lies between

This moment and that first meeting

Still I am haunted

By the memory of all we shared

That little slice of time we spent together

Was all kinds of heaven to me


– 7/27/2017



Love is the great haunting of the soul! It ignites our hearts and makes everything so intensely beautiful. My wish for you is that you fall in love, so beautifully in love that it leaves an imprint on your soul and makes you evermore beautiful! And may the sweet fragrance of love follow you everywhere you go…


Love and Light,



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